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We're called I&I because we got our start near Alvin, Illinois, right next to the Illinois/Indiana state line. Since our beginning in 1976, we've moved around some and eventually settled down here in Penfield, Illinois. Thanks for dropping by our website, stop by often to keep up on our club activities and to get the latest announcements.
Our club got started when a group of friends got together to reminisce and relive bygone days. As the club matured and grew, we developed a set of goals that drive our activities today:
• Preservation of Farming Methods of the Past
• Preservation and Restoration of Yesteryears Equipment
• Annual Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Show
• Creation of an Agriculture History Center at Penfield, Illinois
• Seasonal Events and Activities at Penfield
These efforts and goals are achieved with volunteer help from the club's membership and the community. In 1996, the Club acquired the Penfield Improvement Association property and purchased the old Penfield Grade School and grounds. This formed the nucleus of a facility to host the annual Historic Farm Days event and is being developed as a museum to preserve the previous technologies used by farmers. We appreciate the generosity of the people of Penfield and the warm welcome they gave us when we needed a home.
Our monthly membership meetings are usually held the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at the showgrounds in Penfield. All prospective members or interested parties are welcome to attend.

Send Email to: historicfarmdays@yahoo.com
Historic Farm Days is our big event, always the second full weekend each July, club members and other enthusiasts from several states get together to rediscover and celebrate the farming methods and lifestyle of yesteryear.
At this annual event, the club features the equipment from one of the many noteworthy farming equipment manufacturers. In honor of the featured manufacturer, club members restore and raffle off an antique tractor from that company. The support from the community of Penfield has been vital in creating the excellent facilities that exist today. Since 1996, thousands of hours of volunteer labor from club members and the community have made the dream a reality.
"Historic Farm Days Blog"
Featuring stories and pictures from several of the Historic Farm Days events at Penfield, Illinois

"Half Century Of Progress Blog"
Covering the bienniel Half Century of Progress events, beginning with the Third edition, in 2007.

- Including coverage of the World's Record 48 Horse Hitch, and many other activities.
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